Hit-mobile for managing your operations


Thanks to Hit-Mobile, you can go to the worksite without worrying about how to record customer service data or the hours worked by your men. The application allows you to carry your daily, weekly or monthly schedule with you everywhere so you know what operations there are to do. But it’s not just a portable planner; you can also manage entire operations from start to finish. Here is a tutorial on how to use Hit-Mobile for operations.


Information about the client/operation


Log of operation and travel times


Follow-up logging


Management of tasks to be performed

Informations clients ERP Hit-Mobile

1. Information about the client/operation

In both the “Clients” and “Hit-SAV” modules, you will have the possibility to consult the information related to the client for whom you are going to perform the operation.

The information you can find is:

  • The description of the operation
  • The address where the operation is taking place
  • Operation remarks
  • Memos to remind you of certain details
  • The clients’ contact details
  • The resources used to carry out the operation
Démarrage d'une intervention sur ERP Hit-Mobile

2. Log of operation and travel times

These are the steps for easily recording service and travel times on the day of the operation:

  • the employee indicates that he is on his way to the site by pressing the “Start” button and selecting the en-route option
  • Once on-site, he indicates that he is starting the operation by selecting the work option this time.
  • At the end of the operation, he indicates that he is on his way back to the office or to the next operation
  • Upon return, he indicates that the operation is complete by pressing the “End operation” button

The hours are then sent directly to your management software for your staff, schedule or invoice management.

Création d'un client sur l'ERP Hit-Mobile

3. Follow-up logging

Stay aware of previous operations that have taken place at the current operation location, and add a follow-up after your visit to complete the customer file.

Démarrage d'une intervention sur ERP Hit-Mobile

4. Management of tasks to be performed

Once on-site, your employees will be able to consult a list of the tasks to be performed during the operation. This way, nothing will be forgotten and you can be sure that the operation is a success.